SAT Tutoring: Parent

“Doug Tarnopol brought the potent mixture of diagnostic insight and strategic know-how to identify and correct my son's weaknesses, to capitalize on his strengths, and consequently to maximize his SAT grade. Emphasizing the big picture, Doug took away most of the angst, turning the Mount Everest of standardized tests into a series of scalable hills. His high powered techniques were reassuringly cloaked in a mellow, blue-jeans-and-tweed demeanor—a demeanor perfectly suited to motivate my son's self-study. By test day, my son was ready to confidently answer what he took as just another series of questions. Within the few months under Doug's tutelage, my son's SAT scores had increased significantly, allowing him to become competitive in the Ivy-League and ‘little-Ivy’ league schools."

--Jon C. Gaudio, M.D., Mystic, CT